Federal Office

The Federal Office moved to Glenbrook, New South Wales in 2011.  Previously the office was in Geebung, Queensland and prior to that the RAS of NSW at Homebush Bay. 

The current contractor is All Breeds Administration Australia, operated by Meredith Freeman, former registrar from the RAS NSW from 1999 to 2002. Meredith is located in Glenbrook NSW and currently operates the office from home with a vision to find an office with a street address. Along with Meredith is Natalie Hickman who answers the phones on Monday to Wednesday plus looks after memberships and transfers.  Katie Stanley helps with registrations and other projects when required.   The office, although not meeting the standard 9am to 5pm opening hours, operates for an average of 40 hours per week.

Since the new contract commenced, the office staff have worked with the APSB committee to process the backlog of registrations plus administer new applications. As with setting up any new office there has been a lot of challenges including the setup of banking, office & database procedures/training, telephones and storage/file management. The first 3 years has been challenging and the support and understanding of most members has been well received. The more efficient the Society's administration, the more savings the society can make.

Initiatives we have undertaken in the past 3 years include:

  • Implementation of a new website
  • Introduction of on-line annual returns and member login
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Documentation of office procedures
  • Update of the Information Booklet
  • Online show entries
  • Online payments


Contact Details

PHONE: 0413 207 202
FAX: 02 8014 5762
EMAIL: contact us via our web form