Oct 29

Federal Office

Most members are aware that the Federal Office moved in November 2011 from Geebung, Qld to Glenbrook, NSW. Many of you do not know why? The change of secretariat services was made to assist with society to find a value for money solution to the high administration costs. With the society becoming more streamlined and the vision of online applications being developed a full time registrar was no longer needed. The change was not a reflection on the office staff at the Santa Gertrude's office.

The new contract is with Meredith Freeman, former registrar from the RAS NSW from 1999 to 2002. Meredith is located in Glenbrook NSW and currently operates the office from home with a vision to find an office with a street address. Along with Meredith is Katie Stanley, an experienced horse person who worked with the APSB at the RAS from 2001 to 2002 followed by Horse Section and Cattle coordinator for the RASNSW and Claudia Walsh who assists with the general administration. The office, although not meeting the standard 9am to 5pm opening hours, operates for an average of 30 hours per week.

Since the new contract commenced, the office staff have worked with the APSB committee to process the backlog of registrations plus administer new applications. As with setting up any new office there has been a lot of challenges including the setup of banking, office & database procedures/training, telephones and storage/file management. The first 12 months will no doubt be the most challenging and the support and understanding of most members has been well received. The more efficient the Society's administration, the more savings the society can make.

One of the greatest challenges has been the volume of telephone enquiries, particularly the week prior to show entries closing. To assist the office we ask that:

  •     Members apply for their registrations with due time
  •     Members make phone calls within 9am to 5pm. If the office is unattended please leave a message or use our contact form. Phone calls at  10.30pm on the eve of a show will not be processed
  •     Please CHECK you applications before posting. Every time we have to call or email someone for the horse's height, markings etc, it delays the process

What happens with the registration application?

The standard process for correct membership/registration application/transfer is:

  •     Application received and payment processed
  •     Application processed
  •     If a new registration, checked by Editing Committee
  •     Once approved, certificate printed and mailed.

How do I know if the application has been received/processed?

  •     Make sure that all applications are mailed to PO BOX 267, GLENBROOK NSW 2773
  •     Check if payment has been processed?
  •     Check if the pony is updated on the Pony Search

Contact Details

PHONE: 02 4739 0008
EMAIL: click here to email