Welcome to the Australian Pony Stud Book Society

  • The APSB was founded in 1931 and was the first society for the registration of ponies established in Australia.

    Today, there are ten pure bred pony breeds plus four pony registers under the APSB umbrella.
    No other society can offer so many different pony breeds under the one registration.
    Please visit our 'How to' page for more information on how to become a member or register a pony

    The extent of activities suitable for any of the APSB pony breeds is as endless as your imagination.
    Each breed has proven itself in many fields of equine sports, from the absolute elite of the show world
    to the fundamental use of a pony as a reliable mount and friend for a child.

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The Society

  • The Society                                                            Established in 1931, the APSB is the oldest stud book society for ponies in Australia, recording the pedigrees of ten pure pony breeds, Shetland, Australian, Fell, Hackney Pony and Horse, New Forest, Connemara, Highland, Dartmoor, Welsh Mountain and Welsh Sections B - C - D and the Fjord Horse.The first recorded pony breeds to arrive in Australia during the 1800s included purebred Shetland, Welsh Mountain, Welsh of Cob Type, English Hackney Horse and Hackney Pony as well as Timor Exmoor and Hungarian ponies.With the establishment of the Australian Pony Stud Book, the pedigrees of the most influential of these bloodlines and their descendants were recorded in Volume One of the Society's Stud Book.…

Latest News

  • Membership Fee Due for the 2019/20 YearHow to Pay onlinewww.payway.com.auBiller Code 162677Reference (Membership Number)MFee (inc GSt): Standard Membership $99Junior Rider Membership $50Newsletter Only Membership $50or send a cheque made out to the Australian Pony Stud Book Society to PO Box 3333, Mornington Vic 3931If you wish to complete a form these…
  •   Membership Renewal - $99 New membership (apply now and valid to June 2020) - $99. Pro-rata Membership - $50. Junior Rider - $50. Newsletter - $50.